Mental Readiness: Preparing your mind for a motorcycle ride around the world

Riding a motorbike around the world is obviously no mean feat. The financial and logistical burdens can be enormous, it puts immeasurable pressure on relationships (and ended a few of mine), the daily grind is at times intolerable and the risk to life and limb cannot be overstated. Given the myriad challenges that an undertaking …


Get Ready for your India Riding Experience

Exploring India on a motorcycle is one of life's most exhilarating experiences. This article explains how to get yourself ready. Check out our latest article at Two Wheeled Expeditions to get all the info you need to prepare for your India adventure motorcycling experience. Get Ready for your India Riding Experience

The Case for Solo versus Group Riding on India’s Roof of the World: Ladakh

It’s been said that riding the Himalayas is the Jewel in the Crown for adventure motorcyclists. The combination of the world’s highest mountainscapes, the spiritual masterpieces of endless cliff-top monasteries, the earthy kindness of the Ladakhi people and some the most challenging – some might say brutish - terrain to be found anywhere on earth …